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    Individuality, diversity, excellence

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Student wellbeing is an integral part of learning. A person’s emotional, social, mental and physical wellbeing is fundamental to development. When we are happy, healthy and well-adjusted we are able to learn more effectively and deal with life’s challenge

At the University High School we have programs that help develop resilience, educate about mind-body health and support students and families during difficult times. Many of these programs are integrated into the everyday curriculum at school. We also have programs that are pro-active in developing skills for students, and various parent evenings throughout the year. The University High School Framework for Wellbeing gives an overview of this.

It is important when talking about wellbeing that we remember it is not always about “fixing” something that is wrong. It’s about developing knowledge and happiness that enables us to deal with the challenges that we face. The aim is to lead an amazing life, not one that just gets us through. If things to go a little awry, it is then important to seek out the support networks that are available to us. Most importantly, our friends and family are great support networks. Developing resilience in teenagers is integral to our wellbeing at University High School.

Please take the time to explore the UHS Wellbeing Page – there are links to informative factsheets and articles that you may find very interesting as well as information about programs within our community. If you have some information that you think may be valuable to this page we’d love to read about it.

To access informative Factsheets for students, parents and teachers click the link below.

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Information about programs within our community are listed below

SchoolTV: Streamlining Wellbeing for School Communities

You’ll find a range of topics each published monthly with comprehensive videos from leading specialists and organisations.

You’ll also find Fact Sheets, suggested books, apps, websites and much more. And because SchoolTV is independent, we’ve pulled in some great content from organisations such as Beyond Blue, ReachOut, HeadSpace and others.

New era for sub-schools

Our four Sub-Schools have been named after alumni who represent the school’s values of integrity, passion, achievement, courage, excellence and diversity. They are as follows:

John Coleman, Hyder Gulam, Emma Johnston and Gillian Triggs. Follow the link below to read their biographies.

Link to biographies