Code of conduct


The University High School is a school with a proud tradition and a high public profile. It is expected that the students of the School should, by their appearance and behaviour, reflect these attributes. The University High School is also a school, which celebrates diversity and encourages individual expression. It is appropriate that these aspects of the School's ethos should find expression in outward and visible signs, as well as in attitudes.

School profile

Environmental Context The University High School caters for approximately 1,400 students, most of whom reside in the local area. A proportion of the school’s enrolment comes from further afield, either as students in the Elizabeth Blackburn School of Sciences or SEAL program, or because of sibling claims. The school population has broad socio-economic, cultural and ethnic diversity and the school has a genuine commitment to nurturing this diversity. The school is constantly evolving, valuing the rich traditions of the past and the challenges of the future. The school acknowledges a dynamic community of staff, students and parents, who focus on the school with active partnerships. We value a sense of individual worth and achievement, the comprehensive well being of the whole person and the pursuit of excellence.


The University High School is a state government secondary school within a knowledge precinct, providing outstanding education for local students while achieving excellent academic results and appropriate student pathways. The school is a leader in educational debates and is a specialist provider of educational programs in gifted education and music education. It is also a partner in providing biotechnology education at a state-wide and international level.


New era for sub-schools

Our four Sub-Schools have been named after alumni who represent the school’s values of integrity, passion, achievement, courage, excellence and diversity. They are as follows:

John Coleman, Hyder Gulam, Emma Johnston and Gillian Triggs. Follow the link below to read their biographies.

Link to biographies

Code of conduct policy

It is believed that the principles of this Code accord well with the values and ethos of the School, and that general compliance will be achieved without recourse to sanctions. The co-operation of students and parents will always be sought by staff before sanctions are applied. When sanctions are deemed necessary, they will be applied within the context and spirit of the Student Code of Conduct.

Follow the link to download the Code of conduct policy document. You will also find all our school policies through this link.