School Council

The School Council of The University High School is the legally constituted body that oversees and is responsible for the school’s organisation, policies, finances and future developments. It meets monthly and uses a strong sub-committee structure to take a detailed view of particular areas.

Meetings are open and meeting times are published in the School newsletter and in the calendar on this website.

Council membership 2019

DET members Ms Heather Thompson (Principal), Ms Lisa Vinnicombe,
Mr Bruce Henry, Mr Chris Jones, Mr Adam Brodie-McKenzie
Parent members Ms Jo Smyth, Ms Dina Shehata, Rev Dr Sean Winter,
Ms Belinda Seale, Ms Margreta Kuijper, Ms Angelina Eynon
Student members Lily Tran and Chloe Rheinberger (SRC)

School council information

Please check the calendar or contact the school office to confirm actual dates for meetings as circumstances may dictate changes from the general times indicated.

The Council is an active and well informed body. Vacancies are always filled and attendance at Council and Sub committee meetings is regular and meaningful.

Strategic Plan

The Council refers to the School's Strategic Plan as its focus. The Strategic Plan outlines our school vision, values, goals, targets and key improvement strategies. The Strategic plan is supported by an Annual Implementation Plan which drives the actions and sets annual targets.