Message from the Principal

I believe that the strength of The University High School community lies in its people.

In order for it to expand its power as an inspiring community I will continue to find creative, innovative and strategic ways for all to be actively and genuinely involved in our school’s growth and development.

Our students are placed at the centre of the school. They are surrounded by an outstanding learning environment focused on emotional, social and academic development. We achieve excellent academic results because of the outstanding attitudes of our students, enthusiastic support from parents and community partnerships, and our deep commitment to teaching and learning. The University High School teachers are creative, passionate and dedicated to engaging and inspiring their students in the classroom and beyond.

Students at The University High School have an increasing awareness of the political, social, economic and environmental global landscapes which has served to raise their understanding and empathy and has led to the development of rich learning experiences.

Collectively we will continue to empower our young people so that they, in turn, can make a difference.

Our future is exciting – it is about the continuation of rich traditions, it is about humanity, it is about thinking and learning collaboratively. The values of individuality, diversity and excellence were the cornerstones of the school community 100 years ago like they are today.

In 2017 we established four sub-schools. Each sub-school is named after a prominent alumni; someone who reflects the values of the school - passion, excellence, respect, integrity - and who has had an impact on diversity. Our alumni are inspirational and telling their stories gives depth to our sense of community.

I look forward to leading The University High School with a determination to defend and foster its unique character, whilst ensuring that we continue to invite and encourage fresh thinking as we inspire our students so they can step into the world beyond school with confidence and with the capacity to contribute positively to society.

Heather Thompson