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School Musical Production 2022

Throwback to January 2022, a new school year, but more importantly, a new musical season that was yet to be announced. But this year was going to be different! There were new production members, the return to our beloved Sharman Hall, and more importantly, the promise of some sneaky clues to be hidden around the school.

Fast forward to the announcement date, the buzz was real, everyone was excited to hear the reveal of the production that was going to wipe a clean slate on the past two years…

And it was….SHREK!

Shrek is set to be a fun, high energy spectacular with a brilliant score that will get everyone up and dancing. With crew, cast and costume options for all who are interested, this show looks to be an inclusive fabulous adventure!

Auditions have already commenced for this exciting new endeavour with performances set to occur in early August, (unless Lord Farquaad orders us otherwise).

And the best part is we’re putting it on in our very own Sharman Hall!

After two years of little to no musicals (Pippin 2020-2021, never forget), having this amazing process up and running again with a hilarious show such as Shrek is sure to be a brilliant experience for all!

Bookings available now!

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