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Global exchange program

In our ever-shrinking world, it is increasingly important that young people develop global and cultural awareness, resilience and self-assuredness.

As a school, we believe that participation in an exchange program and immersion in an overseas school and family for 8 -10 weeks is a key way for this to occur. Our firm belief in the importance of creating effective global citizens means that we have developed a program for our students that provide wonderful opportunities, not only for the participants, but also for families within our school community who become involved with the hosting of our international guests. As such, University High School students in Year 9 have the opportunity to apply for a four to ten week exchange program to Finland, the Netherlands, France, Denmark and Germany, for the following year.

Our partner schools are as follows:

Finland: (8 - 10 week exchange)

Schildtin Lukio (formerly Cygnaeus Lukio) is in Jyvaskyla, 300kms north of Helsinki. The town, Jyvaskyla, offers an urban feel surrounded by natural parks and lakes. The school is a senior secondary school with an academic program like UHS. Subjects are taught in English so ability to speak Finnish isn’t required. Follow link to Schildtin Lukio

Denmark: (8 - 10 week exchange)

Norre Gymnasium is located in Copenhagen. NØRRE G is an upper secondary state school situated about 10 kms from the city centre with easy access by public transport. The school has a highly international atmosphere and runs the International Baccalaureate as well as the Danish curriculum. Most Nørre G graduates continue their studies at universities or colleges of higher education in Denmark or abroad. www.norreg.dk

Netherlands: (5 – 8 week exchange)

Jac.P.Thijsse College is located in Castricum which is a short commute (45 mins by train) from Amsterdam. Castricum is steeped in history and students who are curious about WWII will discover rich local narratives in Castricum. The school has an engaging curriclum with many subjects taught in English. Students do not need to speak Dutch to go on this exchange. Students and staff cycle to school. More braodly, The Netherlands is leading the way with sustainability and human rights. So for students with interests in these areas this could be the experience for you. www.jpthijsse.nl/engels

Germany: (8 – 10 week exchange)

For students who are studying German as ability to speak German is essential
  1. Gymnasium Grootmoor is located in Hamburg in a quiet and green suburb about 15 km from the city centre. Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city and located in the north of Germany on the river Elbe. The school is an academic school and offers an extensive co-curricular program including a strong music program. http://www.grootmoor.de/
  2. Graf-Muenster-Gymnasium is an academic high school situated in the north of the state of Bavaria, in the town of Bayreuth. Bayreuth has a population of just over 70,000, is a regional capital and is best known for its staging of the annual Wagner Festival. Bayreuth is about 250 km north of Munich, the state capital of Bavaria. Link to Graf-Muenster-Gymnasium.
  3. John Lennon Gymnasium is located in Berlin. It is an academic high school and offers a range of subjects and co-curricular programs. The school prides itself in being a technologically advanced school. Link to John Lennon-Gymnasium.

France (8 – 10 week exchange)

For students who are studying French as ability to speak French is essential.

Lycee Charles Le Peguy, our sister school in France, located in a small town, Gorges, is a 3 ½ train trip from Paris and nearby to Nantes. The school has an extensive international exchange program and offers a broad curriculum. Link to Lycee Charles Le Peguy.

The Global Exchange Program is reciprocal, with the students from our partner schools coming to stay with their UHS hosts and the UHS students going to stay with the family of the student they hosted. The exchange students come here for Term 1, usually arriving a few days before school starts. Our students then go overseas in late March/ early April for their 8 – 10 week stay.

Five different countries

The UHS exchange program is with seven schools in five different countries: Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, France and Germany. Schools from these countries will partner with us so that we can deliver a program that offers a reciprocal 5 – 10 week exchange for each student. The length of stay varies from school to school.