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    Individuality, diversity, excellence

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Library facilities

The Library provides the following services to the school community.


An extensive collection of the latest novels and a wide collection of non-fiction books on all subjects. Students can borrow up to four items at a time although more can be borrowed if required. The loan period is two weeks but can be extended if required. Students should use their ID card for borrowing.

Library Book Blog

The Library has its own book blog where students can read reviews and news about books and submit their own comments about the books they have read. Go to the blog...



A range of encyclopedias, dictionaries and general reference material on a wide variety of subjects is available. These items are for use only in the Library.


Daily copies of The Age, The Australian and The Herald Sun are provided and an archive kept for twelve months.



A wide variety of magazines are available for reading and study in the Library and an extensive archive is kept for a period of three years.

Online resources

The Library subscribes to a number of online resources including newspaper databases and an online encyclopaedia. Links to the Library catalogue, the State Library and the University of Melbourne Library are also provided as well as other useful resources.



The Library Computer Room is available for individual and classroom use for research and study purposes. Students need to make a booking to use them at recess and lunchtime. Netbooks are also available for students to borrow during the school day.

Photocopying and printing

There are two photocopiers in the Library, one black and white and one colour and black and white. Both machines are used as printers as well as photocopiers. Students are charged via their school printing account and need their ID card to operate the machines when photocopying.


Lunchtime activities

Students can borrow a variety of board games or play the Library piano. Students can also join and participate in the Library Book Club.

Access and operating hours

Students can access the Library catalogue and online resources via the school portal. Log in with your school username and password, then click on the 'Library' link in the left-hand sidebar. The University High School Library is a place that welcomes all members of the school community

Library Operating Hours: 8.15am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday

The Library aims to:
  • foster a life-long love of reading for pleasure
  • provide a wide range of resources to serve the needs of staff and students
  • be integral to the teaching and learning program
  • provide a welcoming space where students and staff can study, read and socialise